About Us

My name is Tara, the owner and founder of Natural B.i.s.h.  I worked in the beauty industry for over 8 years in my 20s.I was a esthetician, makeup artist and hairstylist.
There were very limited products I could use on my skin, most did not work (even if they said "for eczema or sensitive skin")...

I had developed extreme contact dermatitis and all my life I had dealt with eczema.
My flare-ups started getting worse and had me bed ridden for long periods. 
It's emotionally exhausting when you can't find anything natural that doesn't make your skin worse.

This is when Natural B.i.s.h was born. I decided I was going to do what it takes to create something that works for people with sensitive skin like mine. This has been 10 years in the making I am happy to share what I have created. I hope to help others like myself, or people just looking for safe and natural products.