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Ancient Herbal Soothing Salve

Our featured salve was crafted with passion. It was our mission to create a salve for both the face and body. This hydrating salve is infused with healing herbs, to help with sensitive and problematic skin. Great hydrator for all skin types.

Ancient Herbal Soothing Salve

Ancient Herbal Soothing Salve is on SALE

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Going Back to Simplicity in Skincare Using Ancient Ingredients

The bumps on my chin immediately smoothed out after one night, I'm so impressed and excited to see what it looks like in the next couple weeks.

(Ancient Herbal Soothing Salve)


The patch of eczema that was on my leg for 2 years has smoothed out.

(Ancient Herbal Soothing Salve)


My skin doesn’t allow me to use fragrant products. These are some of the only natural products that don’t make me breakout, and WORK.

(Fragrance Free Deodorant)